Quick Body Transformation

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Your Dedicated Online Personal Trainer.

A tailored one-on-one personal training program for your fitness goals & physique. 

Here are the Top 10 Things you will be getting in this package:
(We believe in giving more. Expect surprises and a commitment like no other trainer.)

  • Body Assessment
  • Medical Assessment (if required)
  • Lifestyle Mentoring
  • Customized Diet Plan (as per your individual needs & medical conditions)
  • Customized Workout Plan (as per your individual needs & medical conditions)
  • 10 one-on-one sessions (30 minutes approx.)
  • Every 10 Days progress tracking
  • 24/7 on-email troubleshooting
  • Detailed reports on the progress provided on 10 days basis
  • Fitness product consultancy
  • Fitness education

What will you GAIN?

  • An answer to the biggest dilemma: “Why and how much should you invest in your health?”
  • An understanding of how your diet and work routine affects your health. We will provide you with customized diet and workout plans, tailor-made and engineered around you and your routine.
  • A deep understanding of which workouts are good for your fitness goals and which ones are not.
  • An overview of your lifestyle and one-on-one mentoring on how to make it healthier.
  • A specific workout routine, just for your body type and needs.

90 Days Body Transformation

With our exclusive premium offer, within 90 days you can achieve your fitness goals! What sets us apart from other fitness trainings is how human and customized our process is. Our expert fitness trainer will guide you through every step, and with a dedicated focus, you’ll come closer to achieving your fitness goals, every day. All we ask of you is for your commitment and viola!

You work out at your own hours, as per your own schedule and at your own pace. Nothing will stand between you and your desired body anymore. With our one of a kind fitness program, kick-starting a healthy lifestyle will be easier than ever. Our 90-days program will equip you with fitness education, and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of fitness and not just some workouts/fitness tips like all the others. You will be able to understand your own fitness needs and be able to pursue the active lifestyle you have always only dreamt of.

Regular follow-ups from our expert trainer and customization at regular intervals, keeping your transformation insight ensures that you gain maximum benefit from our intensive program. Also throughout the period of 90 days, you will be educated and trained to understand the best fitness practices, according to your body type that you can continue to apply in order to sport a healthier lifestyle that will keep you in great shape for years to come.

The program regards for all medical conditions, and limitations and will help you remain the fittest possible.

So, we are basically offering;

  • 90 days of intensive training and an understanding of your own body.
  • A lifetime resource for a fit and healthy life.
  • One-on-one sessions with a professional fitness expert.
  • Customized diet and work out plans.
  • A better, more active life.

It does not possibly get any better than this.

How will we do it?

  1. Select the package, check out and make your payment.
  2. You will be contacted shortly and an interview will be set up with you, to better understand your transformation goals and discuss the optimal approach towards them, based on your lifestyle and pace.
  3. A training and diet plan will be developed that aligns with your lifestyle and routine.
  4. A comprehensive, one-on-one explanation of the execution of your custom-designed plan to ensure a clearer understanding. Where you will be free to ask as many questions as you need to.
  5. Troubleshooting throughout the training period with emphasis on ensuring that execution of the plan is at all times achievable and in line with your fitness goals and body type.
  6. Frequent follow-ups to assess the progress and re-assess the body changes, in order to re-develop the plan to expedite the results.
  7. Prior to the plan’s end, an interview will be conducted to analyze your results and based on that a sustainability plan will be provided, with which you could maintain your own fitness goals with maximum sustainability.



AXE started off his journey by transforming himself from being fat to fit. With years of experience & knowledge along the way, he not only makes it easier for his clients
AROUND THE GLOBE to achieve their dream body but to sustain it with lifestyle programming too. Having expertise in different training methods and diet planning, AXE seeks to provide his clients with easy to follow QUICK BODY TRANSFORMATION


  • Why 90 Days?

For any significant transformation to take place, the body requires an average of 90 days based upon the current standing of the person’s fitness. However, each case is different and the clients are therefore assessed beforehand for the best approach which makes it possible for us to give them maximum results within the said 90 days period.

  • What to expect?

You can expect to see changes in your body within 2 weeks, on average a body starts to respond within that time frame. How drastic the change has been will however be based upon your dedication towards the customized plan that will be provided to you. After every 2 weeks, you will be reassessed for the progress you have made and based on the results, a report will be generated that will give both you and your trainer an insight on your fitness and also highlight your progress. Furthermore, on the basis of this report, a new plan will be developed if need be. If not, the first one will be carried forward, our primary focus is maximum results being reaped out.

  • How will the assessments be conducted?

The tests are conducted by means of extracting data from you in terms of your weight, height, age, body measurements and etc. These figures provide our team with valuable information that is used to assess your body and its different dynamics to be able to understand the optimal approach that is best suited for you.

  • How does the process work effectively, online?

Once you make the payment an interview will be scheduled with you, to have a detailed discussion about your daily routine, fitness goals and body type. The interview will provide our team with valuable basic information that is needed to develop a tailored plan for you, which can align with your given routine and lifestyle. Our regular follow-ups will re-map your progress and ensure that time changes are made to the plan, keeping in mind the desired fitness goals. Any issues that you may face can be communicated with our team members and the assigned fitness trainer will attend to you within 24 hours.

  • How long will it take to see the results?

Seeing noticeable results physically on your body massively varies and is dependent on various aspects such as your commitment to the proposed fitness plan and diet, but one can expect to see visible results within 2 weeks. Given that he/she follows the given plan religiously.

  • How much interaction will I have with my Trainer?

You’ll have follow-ups every 10 days, which makes 01 in the beginning & 09 one-on-one interactions with your trainer throughout the program. However, in case any further assistance is necessary the Trainer would make himself available to assist you through your fitness journey.